• Ministerial Decree

    نسبة للوضع الراهن وحرصاً منا على سلامة الجميع تلتزم شركة سوليدير بقرار مجلس الوزراء حتى اشعار آخر

  • Beirut Waterfront District

    Beirut Waterfront District

    With marinas, open views to sea and mountains, and a planned city park, the Waterfront District is envisioned as an integrated and sustainable urban environment.

    With its completed modern internationally-approved infrastructure it stands as the new development frontier.
  • Souk El Yasmeen - Flower Market

    Beirut Souks

    A chain of interconnected structures, vaulted alleys, and open spaces that is a meeting place as well as a shopping destination with a schedule of entertainment and cultural activities

    throughout the year. Beirut Souks integrates archeological sites with modern street art in a “promenade architecturale”. 
  • Cinemacity


    With its prime location at the heart of the city and ample parking, Beirut Souks CinemaCity redefines the movie-going experience by creating a sensory journey

    enlivened by color, light, and video animation, all complemented by concession areas, a food court, and CosmoCity gaming center. 
  • Khan Antoun Bey

    Khan Antoun Bey Square

    Site of the grand Ottoman structure Khan Antoun (1860), the square is now a public space in the making, accommodating cafes and restaurants with indoor/outdoor and terrace seating. 

  • Marinas

    Operated by Solidere, Beirut Marina provides mooring for 186 boats ranging from 5 to 65 meters, with 75% of the mooring area accommodating boats of more than 25 m length.

    Solidere is currently developing the Eastern Marina, which will offer another 115 berthing opportunities for boats 6 to 25 meters-long.
  • Zaitunay Bay

    Zaitunay Bay

    Conceived as a series of overlapping platforms, reminiscent of sea waves, Zaitunay Bay is a year-round haven of leisure, social, and cultural activities with a rich culinary scene right by Beirut Marina,

    the perfect place for a sunrise stroll, relaxation, or toasting to the sunset over dinner.
  • Zeitouneh Square

    Designed by Gustafson Porter Landscape (UK) as part of a sequence of interconnected public spaces to create a promenade along the city’s original boulevard, the Old Shoreline Walk, it is conceived
    as a relaxation and gathering place for nearby office building tenants, neighborhood residents, and visitors, as well as a platform for community events.

News Feed

False information has been circulating recently about the amount of land sales Solidere concluded since the beginning of 2019. (Official PDF)


In this regard, Solidere negates the rumors and announces the exact value of the land sales that were signed and that will be fully or...